Clippasafe Plug Socket Covers Pack of 6

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Clippasafe socket covers are designed and manufactured in consideration of the relevant dimensions of bs1363, this makes them the best fitting and most effective of all socket covers on the market. They fit flush against the socket plates, stay in place once inserted, and feature a unique system of removal by use of the earth pin on any standard uk power plug, this makes them almost impossible to be removed by a toddler. Fitting clippasafe socket covers reduces the chances of a child plugging in an appliance (electric fire, curling tongs, hair straighteners etc.) which could present a burn or fire hazard. Independently tested regarding fitness for purpose and an invaluable extra line of defence which all caring parents value and understand.

  • Unique design
  • Prevents access to socket terminals
  • Removable by an adult using the earth pin of a normal household plug
  • Prevents items being plugged in which may be a burn or fire hazard
  • Designed in consideration of the relevant dimensions of bs1363


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