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  • Can I pay in for items?

    With the Babyzone Baby Club you sure can!

    20% deposit secures any order. You can then pay as little or as often as you wish until you collect your item.

    Items need to be paid in full before collection.

  • Did you know we have a Babyzone Baby Club?

    Babyzone Baby Club works all year round. Not like some companies who only offer this at Christmas.

    Customers can put money on their account at anytime - even if you do not have any items ordered or reserved. 

    Perfect for friends and family who want to purchase a gift for you/baby but do not know what you need. It means the money is placed on your account for you to use on your baby essentials.

  • How long does it take to get my travel system?

    Most travel systems need to be ordered. Some will only take a week or 2, others can take up to 12 weeks depending on availabilty.

    Our advise to you is - it is never too early to order. Once ordered we will hold it here for you as long as needed.

  • How long will my baby carrier car seat last?

    Your baby is safe and secure in the baby carrier until they hit either the weight limit (usually 13kg) or their head starts to hit the top of the seat. This all depends on your baby. If your baby is very long/tall, they may outgrow their seat by height 1st. If they are heavier, they may outgrow it by weight 1st.

    Lots of parents think that once babies legs start to dangle over the edge of the seat that they are now too big for their seat - this is a myth.

    Babies are very flexible, they will naturally cross their legs to get into a comfortable position.

  • Did you know ERF is safest for baby?

    Children should stay in rear-facing car seats for as long as possible. We highly recommended it as they are up to five times safer than forward facing car seats.  

    We offer a range of Rearward and Forward facing seats here at Babyzone. Some seats will do both.

  • Do you fit car seats?

    Yes, we do.

    Our team here at Babyzone will make sure the seat you choose is the perfect choice for your child and compatible with your car. We will also fit you seat and show you how to do it yourself.

  • How long does my child need to be in a car seat?

    By law, all children under 150 cms in height or 36 kgs (79 lbs) in weight must use a child restraint system (CRS) suitable for their height and weight while travelling in a car.

  • How do I choose which car seat is best?

    We will help you with this. We check the height and weight of your child. We check if your car is isofix compatible or not and we discuss all the different seats with you to see which is the best fit for your child and that is is compatible with your car. We then test your child in the seat to make sure it is a good choice.

    Once happy with the seat - we will also fit the seat and show you how to do it also.

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